Our expertise

Most industrial companies have made digital moves, but only a few have succeeded to scale and achieve material business impact. One key reason is that value positioning and control are underestimated factors and many lack a critical capability in their digital business teams: strategic planning of data access-, contract- and IP-based control points, and its operational execution (so called IP StratOps).

Konsert knows how to seamlessly plug-in to client organizations and bridge Strategy & IP gaps with temporary impact-focused teams. We know how to ensure that control points are fully or partially established, that access to critical assets is secured and that partnerships and ecosystems are constructed effectively. When going to market and scale we help ensure that value is captured and that control points are leveraged to sustain competitiveness and profitability. This way we maximize the likelihood of successful MVPs and new business plays.

Client needs

Blending our new business inception expertise with adjacent capabilities, we tailor services and engagements to perfectly align with clients’ unique situations and needs.

Avoid getting stuck in piloting

Transform the prototyping process to effectively scale and attract investments. Overcome barriers by demonstrating short-term impact and ensuring pilot results translate into scalable solutions, enabling long-term success and growth.

Establish control points

Facilitate partnering, M&A and creative contractual structures. Secure intellectual property and data access and enable a balanced degree of openness for business growth.

Capture value & build competitiveness

Shape the ecosystem to mitigate risks and uphold differentiation. Leverage IP for a favorable revenue share, while partnering with larger players. Ensure long term access to critical data, and block disruptors and unwanted player moves in the value chain.

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