Our expertise

Business-driven IP strategy focuses on identifying the best ways to maximize business return on investments made in innovation and intellectual property.

As a pioneer in the field, Konsert has over the years gained deep expertise in helping clients translate business needs into IP jobs across a wide variety of industries and competitive contexts.

Our systematic approach ensures a strategic focus on business’ top priorities, and where IP has the highest probability of creating business impact. We help create actionable IP strategy that balances the here and now against the needs to keep future business options open. This ensures efficient use of IP resources in strategy execution and supports the establishment of mutually beneficial dialogue with internal stakeholders.

Client needs

Blending our business-driven IP strategy expertise with adjacent capabilities, we tailor services and engagements to perfectly align with clients’ unique situations and needs.

Make IP strategy fit-for-digital

Shift towards increasingly digital products and data-driven services transforms the technology stack, changes dynamics in the competitive landscape, and introduces new requirements on IP management.

Demonstrate the business value of IP

Increasing pressure from senior executives on IP leaders to clearly demonstrate the value of IP to the business, to justify the annual spend on IP management.

Include IP in the strategic dialogue

IP leaders struggling to evolve IP from being a reactive support function towards being a trusted business partner, with a seat at the table in the internal strategic dialogue.

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