Scaling green innovation: New IP challenges in the sustainability transition


Data-driven services playbook


Reapplying core competence for digital value


New business Innovation Technology

Where to play and how to win through technology

We understand how technology contributes to growth, competitiveness, and profitability. We support leaders on strategic journeys, grounded in thought leadership and unparalleled experience, to make data-driven choices and win in technology-based business.

Two-speed IP to keep pace with digital


IP Jobs-to-be-Done


Navigating uncharted waters: Lessons from driving business impact-focused IP transformations


IP Rights Data Contracts

How to capture value and build advantage with intellectual property

We know that a few critical technologies and data sets always have disproportional impact on competitive advantage. We help clients uncover which they are and how to build and leverage contracts and intellectual property rights to ensure access and to capture value.

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