Accelerate and de-risk your IPMS transformation, from requirements and procurement to implementation and realized results

We support companies throughout their IT transformation journeys, from design to full-scale implementation of a new or upgraded IP management system. An IPMS initiative can help organizations to increase its IP operations efficiency and strategic capability. But IT transformations are major endeavors requiring significant resources. It puts a strain on all levels of the IP organization and its stakeholders, often having to manage such an initiative in parallel to its daily operations.

We have strong practical experience from having worked closely with both IPMS vendors and implementers to take the entire process from start to finish. Our work rests on deep experience of design of IP ways of working, translation to IT system requirements, procurement of vendor IP management system, customizing and configuring the system according to agile processes, managing and coordinating implementation programs including change management, and training and supporting the users on a global level.

Client challenges

Typical client challenges include:

  • Unclear picture of how the wanted IP way of working translates into IT requirements on the IP management system
  • No up-to-date view of the IPMS vendor market and what functionality different systems can offer of-the-shelf and after configurations
  • Limited experience from running IPMS procurement, meaning risk of costly and time consuming process
  • Limited experience from planning and running IP management system transformation journeys
  • Limited time available for IP department to drive project and activities in parallel to daily operations
  • Risk of being left in the hands of the vendor by assuming the vendor knows what is best for your organization, not only what the best practice for their system is
  • Not able to make the business case for the IPMS upgrade, clarifying the business rationale for transformation and what the expected business outcomes will be


The result is having the right IP management system implemented to support the wanted way of working, drive IP operations efficiency and improve the strategic capability of the IP organization. We help ensure that the journey to get there is as fast and resource-effective as possible, with risks systematically mitigated.

The IPMS journey is run with a clear wanted state vision in mind, translated into IT system requirements that guides system procurement and customization and configuration together with the vendor. We ensure that we act with “one voice” between the client project team and the vendor, and in balancing requirements between different stakeholders, and in building the business case for change.

We help minimize business disruption caused by the transformation and make sure that time spent by client resources is used where it really matters and with minimal contribution barriers. Throughout implementation and after go-live of the new system, we help to systematically drive the change program and support user and stakeholder engagement and training to make sure benefits are realized.