What is IP Operations Efficiency?

The combination of increasing cost pressure and need of more time for internal personnel to focus on key activities, require streamlined operations for greater efficiency at the right cost levels. We improve the productivity of IP organizations by ensuring operational excellence and harmonization, the right balance between internal and external work, and transparency to ensure operating at the right quality and cost levels. When IP operations are not sufficiently supported by IT tools, we help defining the right solutions and reducing uncertainty, time and costs in IP management system implementations.

“Our attorneys spend their time fire-fighting operational issues instead of doing strategic work, even though a large and increasing share of our budget is spent on external agents”

— Client Head of IP


Operational excellence and cost efficiency arrow_forward arrow_forward

We help clients to identify efficiency improvement opportunities, find the right solutions and quickly drive measurable results.

Remove bottlenecks and pain points arrow_forward arrow_forward

IP organizations typically consist of highly skilled people, yet few organizations gain the full potential of their workforce. Streamlining processes, harmonizing ways of working and balancing internal and external work often lead to large throughput and lead time improvements.

Free up attorney time arrow_forward arrow_forward

Addressing process inefficiencies can also improve employee satisfaction and allow key people to focus on value-adding and strategic work. The time available for internal IP counsels and administrators to perform strategic work can often be increased by a factor of three.

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Having the right IT tools is key for operational excellence and cost efficiency, but it can also be a large pitfall. The wrong or a poorly implemented IT system will drive unwanted behaviors. Selecting the right IT tools and de-risking its implementation can save a lot of time, money and frustration.

Cost transparency and foresight arrow_forward arrow_forward

Set right cost levels and reduce volatility using accurate cost transparency and forecasting tools in combination with a systematic external service model. External IP agent costs can typically be reduced with 30%.

Interested in IP Operations Efficiency?

Contact our IP Operations Efficiency lead Thomas Hedberg for further dialogue.


We provide our clients with the world’s premier service to achieve operational excellence and cost efficiency in IP operations.


IP operations performance review

Quickly map and analyze current state to identify main efficiency pain points and create an action plan for improvements based on internal and external best practices.


IP workflow efficiency

Design and implement efficient and harmonized ways of working, addressing bottlenecks and inefficiencies and ensuring that IP professionals can focus on what is important.

External agent model

Address inefficiencies and imbalance in internal/external work model by re-designing and implementing structured collaboration models. Perform IP service procurement initiative to get to the right cost and quality levels

Cost transparency

Ensure continued cost-efficiency using tools and processes to track and assess cost and quality, enabling forward-looking cost projections.

IT system upgrade

Support and drive IP portfolio management system initiatives, including requirements specification, system evaluation and procurement, and de-risking and accelerating implementation.


Interim staffing and support in operations

Readily available competence and resources to ensure realization of desired benefits.