What is Business-Driven IP Management?

A common concern among technology company executives – often driven by digitalization – is the lack of a convincing strategy for how to navigate the evolving IP landscape, and of a business rationale for the money spent on intellectual property. Conversely, IP functions commonly find themselves in an isolated organizational position with low executive management attention, and with limited insight both into the strategic direction of the company and the business value potential of the IP portfolio.

We help companies evolve from this situation, by setting strategic direction and upgrading the IP function from a reactive support operation to a proactive business partner. We analyze, design, and help transform the client's approach to IP to become proactive and strategy-driven, close to the core, and focused on achieving desired business outcomes. We call this business-driven IP management.

IP functions often find themselves in an isolated position, with limited business insight and low executive management attention


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We make IP operations strategy-driven, proactive, and purposefully equipped to generate measurable business value.

Link IP to the bottom line arrow_forward arrow_forward

Make your IP operations provide direct and measurable support for improved market share and profit margins, lower cost levels, reduced business risk, and royalty generation.

Create business accountability for impact arrow_forward arrow_forward

Move your IP function closer the core and build business accountability for returns on IP investments.

Neutralize the digitalization IP threat arrow_forward arrow_forward

Develop foresight and capability-to-act to navigate the digitalization-transformed IP landscape safely and effectively.

Interested in Business-Driven IP Management?

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