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IP Jobs-to-be-Done
– how a focused, agile and actionable IP strategy impacted business results of three companies
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papers
A missing piece to maximise digital business capability
Strategic planning of data access-, contract- and IP-based control points, and its operational execution (IP StratOps) is an essential mechanism…
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papers
Two-speed IP to keep pace with digital
A dual IP model for industrials under digital transformation – answering the digital business’ urgent IP needs with speed.
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papers
Under the hood of AI
Demystifying how leaders scale value of AI solutions by ensuring seamless data access.
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papers
The winning card in industrial digitalization
Winning in digital ecosystems comes down to using intellectual property to control key positions, build trust, and balance exclusivity and…
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papers
The case for digital IP
Excerpts from Konsert’s digital IP state of play study of large technology companies
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papers
Lessons from the front line of digital manufacturing
Many industrials venture into Industry 4.0 – few succeed. However, global engineering group Sandvik could serve as a blueprint for…
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papers
Maintaining business continuity while reining in IP costs
Making smart and effective IP cost saving decisions to ensure a crisis doesn’t disrupt your business
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papers
Three Key Strategies for Adapting Patent Departments to Agile Innovation Settings
When R&D goes Agile, traditional corporate IP departments struggle to keep up with the new way of working. The reactive,…
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papers
How do you achieve cost control in preparation for an economic downturn?
Interview with Director Thomas Hedberg
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papers
Understanding digital patents
A 3-category model to help ‘non-digital natives’ understand how digital solutions can be patented to support business
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papersCanada
Born from business need
Konsert's CEO Jens Bördin writes about how TD Bank manages the IP business risks and levers that arise with the…
Digital Technology InnovationWhite papers
The digital execution gap
How skills, speed and success bridge the gap between innovation strategy and execution
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papers
IPMS Transformation – 6 Common Pitfalls
Identifying the potential pitfalls while planning your IP Management System journey will help you set a roadmap that is realistic…
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papers
The organisational keys to unlocking your IP value potential
Konsert's CEO Jens Bördin writes that the IP operating model is the key factor that separates the best from the…
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papers
Managing external IP firms – 3 steps to cost and quality success
Three success factors for realizing the desired benefits of partnerships with external IP firms
Digital Technology InnovationWhite papers
5 rules for digital-proofing your technology strategy
To conquer the complexity of the new digital reality, technology strategy development practices must evolve to effectively direct investments and…
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papers
How Purchasing can use IP to Improve Results
Management of IP in supplier relationships holds untapped potential for decreased business risk and substantial cost savings
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papers
Volvo's road to business-driven IP Management
Article on how IP can be used to cost-effectively support growth, competitiveness and profitability across products, supply chain and R&D.
Business-Driven IP ManagementWhite papers
Intellectual asset management for technology-based companies
An introduction to Intellectual Asset Management methodology and its application for improving competitive advantage and profitability


Discussions, interviews and video recordings

Business-Driven IP ManagementVideos
IP's seat at the leadership table
Excepts from interview with Senior Advisor Anders Lindh, former President at Sandvik AMT
Business-Driven IP ManagementVideos
Innovation frameworks for digital transformation
Full session from IP Tech Summit 2020
Business-Driven IP ManagementVideos
How Sandvik ventured into digital
Case presentation at IP Tech Summit
Business-Driven IP ManagementVideos
Patenting when innovation goes Agile
Konsert's Robin Sparrefors and Karin Lersten share key characteristics of the IP organizations that are most successful in agile innovation…
Business-Driven IP ManagementVideos
Patents as business risk in financial services
Three steps which banks and financial services players should consider to address patents as business risk
Digital Technology InnovationVideos
Digital innovation bridge
Skills, speed, success – how bridge organizations fuel the digital innovation pipeline
Business-Driven IP ManagementVideos
Patenting digital innovation – why, what and how
Explore the digital patent categorization framework and how it can be used to patent digital solutions supporting the business
Digital Technology InnovationVideos
Digital-proofing innovation strategies
Robin Sparrefors, Director Strategy & IP for business and technology executives, outlines how leaders create innovation strategies that are fit…
Business-Driven IP ManagementVideos
Four pillars transforming the IP function to a strategic business partner
Konsert's co-founder and CEO Jens Bördin discusses the organizational keys to unlocking your IP value potential
Business-Driven IP ManagementVideos
How digitalization and industry 4.0 puts the spotlight on IP management
Konsert’s Director Strategy & IP for IP executives Jonas Lindgren outlines why companies need to worry about IP on their…
Business-Driven IP ManagementVideos
The value of IP in supplier relationships
Thomas Hedberg, Director at Konsert Strategy & IP, outlines why purchasing must partner with the IP organization
Business-Driven IP ManagementVideos
Developing IP Positions for competitive advantage in a convergent world
Culture, partnering and focus - how to win in a converging digital world (from CIP Forum 2016)


Client impact and recent experiences

Business-Driven IP ManagementCasesEurope
Boosting IP efficiency at Infineon
Process review to address efficiency pain points and pave way for IPMS software upgrade
Business-Driven IP ManagementCasesNorthern Europe
Tactics for negotiating intellectual property
A client requested Konsert’s support in developing IP negotiation tactics for strategic partnerships within next generation enabling technology areas.
Business-Driven IP ManagementCasesNordics
Development of business-driven IP strategy to support digital transformation
A client in the mining industry requested Konsert's support in developing an IP strategy for future digital offerings, adapted for…
Business-Driven IP ManagementCasesNorthern Europe
Transparency and control of external IP costs​
Cost control for tracking external IP costs and forecasting the annual IP spend​
Digital Technology InnovationCasesNorth America
Adopt practices from digital leaders
Leapfrogging in organizing for digital innovation execution as the industry faces potential disruption from fintechs
Digital Technology InnovationCasesEurope
Fueling new innovation pipeline
Overcoming historical truths and political biases, securing cost-efficient access to new technology critical for future business
Business-Driven IP ManagementCasesNordics
Development of digital IP strategy to manage IP risks in relation to new digital platform suite
The client partnered with Konsert to develop a new business-driven strategy framework setting a shared strategic direction for navigating the…
Digital Technology InnovationCasesEurope
Technology innovation for industry 4.0
Overcoming digital technology barriers at a traditional and engineering-proud company
Digital Technology InnovationCasesNordics
Guiding digital workforce and investments
Future-proofed strategy approach to guide R&D investments and workforce for new digital-enabled services
Business-Driven IP ManagementCasesEurope
Development of corporate IP strategy to support business rationale for a large patent portfolio
A European automotive company was in need of a a stronger business rationale for a large patent portfolio. 
Business-Driven IP ManagementCasesSweden
Supporting a cleantech startup in finding the most lucrative business opportunity
The cleantech startup needed a control and business strategy aimed for growth
Business-Driven IP ManagementCasesEurope
Developing a multi-layered control strategy for an IT-based startup
As traditional non-digital actors started to move into the same business area, the IT startup was in need of a…

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