What is IP StratOps?

IP StratOps embodies the essence of blending Strategy & IP – deploying business strategy, technology innovation, legal and IP capabilities to co-create and grow new business.

IP StratOps means the strategic planning of data- and IP-based control points, and its operational execution.

IP StratOps capabilities are typically found in dynamic and fast-moving business environments where the financial upsides of opportunities – and consequently the risks – are significant. Often, IP StratOps capabilities are utilized by companies pursuing digital- and data-enabled business models.

In order to be a co-owner and co-creator of business value, IP StratOps teams are typically characterized by:

  • Having cross-disciplinary Strategy & IP skills, embodied for example in the personas of visionary architects, entrepreneurial specialists and whole picture analysts;
  • Being an integrated part of business teams, as a natural part of the continuous strategic dialogue and learning cycle; and
  • Working in an iterative and proactive process, influenced by agile and DevOps methodologies, ensuring that new businesses get faster to value with higher certainty.

Konsert offers turnkey IP StratOps solutions. We stand up and run IP StratOps teams, that transition into lasting in-house functions. We deliver end-to-end Strategy & IP capabilities for rapid and sustainable impact.

Interested in IP StratOps?

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