Watch Robin Sparrefors and Oscar Brodin share insights on how an ‘innovation bridge’ – a temporary organization that populates technology and business talent gaps to accelerate early stages of digital innovation – can provide the skills, speed and success cases to overcome this challenge.

This video builds on Robin Sparrefors's article "The digital execution gap".

In the video Robin and Oscar highlights the benefits of a bridge organization to overcome the gap between strategic direction and execution. The "innovation bridge" is built by populating technology and business talent gaps with temporary partner resources to accelerate the early stages of digital innovation, and create quick wins that build confidence in the new initiative. The bridge organization is gradually phased out, as the steady state team is recruited and trained on-the-job. Leaving a fully functional digital innovation organization with

  • critical mass in digital skills,
  • a fit-for-digital way of working – built for speed, and
  • with success cases ready to scale.