Client challenges

  • A prominent engineering company – leading in specialized equipment, solutions and services for building, operating and upgrading industrial facilities – faced a shifting business landscape and unwanted player moves in the value chain as a result of digitalization.
  • The Client recognized the tremendous value potential of digital data-based services, but industry adoption had been slow, and previous attempts had not scaled.
  • To better position themselves for a digital future and address untapped value, the Client wanted to identify and assess the most attractive options for data-driven services and develop a playbook for how to repeatedly discover, implement and scale new digital business opportunities.

Konsert contribution

  • Together with the Client, Konsert developed a new business development playbook designed to position the Client and its customers for digital success.
  • The playbook outlined the method, process, and organizational structure to repeatedly identify and address new value with data-driven services.
  • The playbook covered the full new business development process from identifying the value pools to target, selecting the positions to take in the value chain, designing the value proposition, and planning for deployment – including the technology, data, intellectual property and relationships needed to win.
  • A new organization with adapted roles was established to drive the new business development process outlined in the playbook.
  • Konsert worked with the Client to conduct an initial pilot test based on the playbook. This led to a short-list of high-potential use cases and associated value pools for the Client to target as well as a proposal for a first Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a data-driven service and its roll-out.
  • Based on the iterative process, the Client is now addressing the remaining opportunities on the short-list and scaling the outcomes.


  • Multiple new data-driven services in the market, creating new revenue streams.
  • Effective digital business framework for discovering and developing new data-driven services.
  • Taking new positions in the industry value chain and handling moves made by other players.
  • Ability to focus and direct resources to the value pools with highest potential, and scale value together with customers and partners.