Client challenges

  • An IT-based startup developing computer-aided simulation and design solutions.
  • Through rapid development and lack of an IP strategy, the client hadn’t been able to identify, define and maintaining adequate control over its valuable technology.
  • The importance of IP for the client was growing, not least due to convergence with the larger traditional non-digital actors slowly moving in to the digital sphere.


  • Konsert supported the client by identifying and defining the client’s most valuable technology assets through a value and control assessment.
  • Taking a stand from the assessment, in close collaboration with the client, Konsert developed a control strategy for the key technology assets, combining both technical, contractual and IPR-related measures.
  • The strategy included tools to improve the client’s ability to communicate, assess and manage the most valuable technology assets.
  • A final outcome was an overall foundation for strengthening the client’s competitive position through a multi-layered control strategy.

To learn more about setting an IP strategy for startups read our later case where we supported Flocazur, a cleantech startup, in the development of a busienss-driven IP strategy.