Client challenges

Flocazur, a cleantech startup, had developed a new fluid treatment technology applicable in several industries, but due to vast amount of application areas Flocazur needed support to identify the most lucrative business opportunities.

The need for IP to protect and control the technology in the market was high, not least due to strong competition in several of the potential commercialization areas.

As a cleantech startup, lacking critical skills and capabilities, Flocazur would not be able to enter the market on their own and needed to identify valuable partner(s).

Project with Konsert

  • Flocazur engaged Konsert to develop a business-driven IP strategy including tools to identify, map and control their key technology assets.
  • Through close engagement, Konsert supported Flocazur in creating a clear view of potential business opportunities, and identifying highly valuable collaboration partners .
  • Apart from mapping assets, setting a strategic focus and identify potential partners, we together developed a feasible action plan.


  • Enabled Flocazur to faster move forward with R&D of the fluid treatment technology since the project resulted in a clear prioritization of business opportunities.
  • Built general knowledge of IP and IP management, supporting continuous daily activities.
  • Enhanced Flocazur’s possibility to enter into several partnerships in parallel to generate higher return on investment, while still retaining control over their core technology platform.

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