Client challenges

The client is a leading electronics company with several hundreds of IP professionals worldwide managing over 100 000 intellectual property rights. The client has over the past decades developed into a world-leading industrial IP organization, generating substantial benefits for the company in terms of direct and indirect revenues from IP and cost and risk reductions. To guarantee continued best-in-class IP management and attracting and retaining the best IP talent, the client initiated a project with Konsert Strategy & IP to set up and run an IP professional training program for business-oriented IP professionals.


Konsert Strategy & IP helped the client to create an in-house professional development institution emphasizing practical skill development in the business use of IP. Konsert Strategy & IP implemented a custom-made IP management curriculum, with courses such as IP business models, IP portfolio management and IP-based negotiations. The training program was established by developing a target profile of the envisioned competence and role of the IP staff and creating goals, curriculum, pedagogical model, training governance and examination methods with this profile in mind. The training program is being run together with Konsert Strategy & IP for IP professionals in the company.


The IP training program is helping the client to ensure a continued position as the benchmark for the IP industry. The program is seen as a valuable resource for attracting and retaining top talent, helping the client to ensure its continued position as a benchmark for the IP industry. Thus far, the program has proven to be an effective way of accelerating the learning curve of new and old employees, and is expected to over time raise the overall performance level of the IP organization.