Client challenges

The client is a high-potential, clean-tech growth venture active in an industry populated by large companies that are conservative when it comes to new technologies. To develop the venture, the company is looking to partner with an established market player and collaboratively develop the technology and commercialize it selected application areas. As a wide range of applications are possible for the technology and the potential partners have strong bargaining positions, the client initiated a project with Konsert Strategy & IP to develop a strategy for how to manage, govern and exploit its technology asset to strengthen the client’s negotiation position.


Konsert Strategy & IP helped the client to identify its key valuable technology assets and assess these from a control and value perspective using our Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) framework. The capturing of technology assets meant that the client went from being able to bring one patent to approximately 40 technology assets and a number of additional patent applications into future negotiations. The IAM analysis was complemented with a an analysis of industry value chain structures and identification of potential collaboration partners. As a result of the analysis, a Technology and IP exploitation strategy and a business-anchored IP strategy were created, primarily geared towards the management and use of IP in setting up and governing collaborative development and commercialization partnerships.


By being able to identify and assess technology assets and thereby creating high-resolution technology exploitation strategies the client has become more skilled in negotiations and lowered the risk of unnecessary knowledge leakage. The IP strategy outlined how the client could use IPRs to control its technology assets and build a portfolio enabling business-driven use of its value. This has given the client a much stronger negotiation position when negotiating with multinational corporations resulting in favorable business terms going forward.