We develop strategies fit for complex and digital-focused businesses, by creating a common understanding of business strategic priorities and corresponding technology scope to direct resources to the areas with largest future business impact and select the most cost-effective ways to engage in those areas.

Client challenges

Typical challenges include a rapidly growing scope of possible technology and innovation investments due to a broadening and increasingly complex technology landscape – often driven by digitalization, pressure to constrain or reduce R&D budgets, increasing dependency on external technology and talent, and inability to make data-driven decisions on where to focus innovation and how to cost-efficiently access technology.


We help our clients to evolve strategy development practices and manage the complexity of the new digital reality. We create a common understanding of the future direction and priorities of the business and of the corresponding future technology scope. This allows clients to make data-driven and high-precision decisions, and to effectively direct investments and resources to the technology areas that will contribute the most to the company’s future competitiveness. This means actively controlling R&D spend while ensuring access to differentiating technology in business-critical areas. 

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