We design or upgrade the client’s innovation operating model to be fit for executing on digital-proofed technology innovation strategies, including adjusting organization, processes, governance and tools to be effective and efficient in for example an agile and software-focused innovation setting.

Client challenges

Typical challenges include uncertainty in how digital technology innovation strategies and their execution shall fit with existing organizational structure and processes, uncertainties in how to plan and structure the change process involving new and sometimes controversial insights, and having enough resources to drive the implementation while still delivering upon current tasks and responsibilities.



We ensure that clients have the organizations, processes, governance and tools fit for innovation execution in business environments where digitalization rewrites the rules, changes the competitive playing field and creates complex technology landscapes. This includes e.g. organizational designs fit for software-based innovation that are capable of systematically incorporating emerging technology areas, governance models that combines data-driven, top-down prioritizations and accountability for where to innovate with bottom-up and largely self-governing execution responsibility for how to innovate, and budgeting processes facilitating rapid and agile development.

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