Coming from an American strategy consulting firm, I was excited to take on my next challenge in joining Konsert that I knew to be the world leading player for strategy in the intersection of technology, business and IP. I was also looking for a place to exercise my entrepreneurial ambitions in helping to build a team in Stockholm. Now almost 9 months have passed, and my time so far could not have been more rewarding.

Followed by a well-structured onboarding I was directly put into action at a global blue-chip technology company working on Business-driven IP, one of Konsert’s core practice areas. Based on Konsert’s thinking in relation to different value models of IP, we supported the client in designing an operating model where IP effectively could support the strategic objectives of the business.

Even with my previous consulting experience, it was a fresh start getting to know a new way of working. I received strong support from Directors and my other coworkers, allowing me to understand the fundamentals of Konsert’s unique approach to tackling the client’s challenges. The one-team atmosphere at Konsert have exceeded expectations and I straight away felt that I could turn to anyone for questions and support as I was growing into my role as Manager at Konsert.

”I appreciate what a great culture Konsert has been able to build with a strong one-team mentality and the very humble attitude of all my co-workers.”

Coming from a generalist strategy consulting firm, it was eye opening to see how Konsert as a boutique firm was able to attract some of the most interesting clients through proven and specialized expertise in technology driven competitiveness. The more focused approach to strategy consulting allowed for a more scalable approach with strong client impact. I truly feel like I’ve never given better quality advise to clients than I do now. This is obviously an equally challenging as thrilling aspect of the job, to always having to be in the forefront of what we do in order to compete with the larger brands.

Going forward, I’m excited about our pipeline for the year ahead with so many interesting business problems to solve, but also getting to know my coworkers closer during our annual ski-trip and other off-sites ahead.