Are you a student and curious about how life can be after your studies?

Come and listen to our lunch lecture by our director Jonas Lindgren. He specializes in intellectual property (IP) strategy, IP organization and process design, along with change management. Jonas has led many transformation and strategy projects across a wide variety of industries, in multiple geographies, and in diverse companies ranging from mid-size to multinational corporations. One example is his experience of leading the development and implementation of digital IP strategies at an European industrial manufacturing client.

You will have the opportunity to hear Jonas thoughts on how to successfully drive technology-based business in industries transformed by digitalization. The lecture will include broad understanding of digitalization's impact on all industries, the increasing need for collaborations/ecosystems due to enhanced complexity and technology overlap of digitalization and IPs role in these situations.

Time: 12:00
Date: November 10, 2021
Place: Vasa A, Chalmers University of Technology

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We look forward to meeting you!