Welcoming 2023 at Thorskog Grand Manor House

Welcome 2023!

Looking back at a fast-paced 2022, we are having an offsite this week at Thorskog Grand Manor House, taking a moment to reflect on our achievements and how Konsert has evolved. For us, 2022 was a year filled with successes and important milestones, like welcoming our three new team members Fredrik, Malin and Nicolas.

At Thorskog House we are of course not only looking backwards but also preparing for the coming year, charging our team batteries with great food, wood fired hot tubs, and fun team activities.

Thank you to our dedicated team, clients and partners for making 2022 a remarkable year of growth.
Entering 2023 we are excited to see what lies ahead!

Conference at Ästad Vingård

This week, the Konsert team went to Ästad Vingård, located in the beautiful Åkulla beech forests nature reserve.

We discussed our company strategy and future direction, and shared knowledge and learnings from our recent client engagements.  It is always valuable to stay updated on our latest experiences in areas such as data management, organizational design and IP StratOps. We also had great conversations around our feedback culture and career development.

To mix up the discussions in the conference room we enjoyed the nature-inspired spa, the nearby nature reserve and excellent food.

Lunch run in the forest

One of the perks of working at Konsert is the access to forest trails close to the office. Some of us like to go out for a lunch run in the beautiful nearby Änggårdsbergen. This is a great opportunity for a refreshing brake and a chance to have conversations with the colleagues outside the office

Winter trip with Konsert

Recently, we did a company winter trip to Åre. Besides conference and team disucssions, the trip was filled with outdoor activities and games like cross country skiing, dogs sledging and alpine skiing - this is how we take team building to the next level!

At Konsert, time outside the office is embraced, and we appreciate spending time together.

Konsert went to Åre

The trip was fully stacked with exciting team activities ranging from zipline to downhill mountain biking and cross-country cycling. Canoeing, hikes and good food fuelled our trip with laughers and smiles. Multi-layered days ended with relaxing saunas and intriguing games.

We also had several conference sessions where we deep-dived into strategic directions and company visions. We discussed our insights to further grow the company and reflected on personal drivers for motivations.

Team building & knowledge sharing at Marstrand

As a final send-off before summer vacations we spent 24 hours in the Swedish archipelago. Time was split between discussions on some of our latest learnings and some much needed social time with the entire team. We now feel energized and inspired and look forward to a summer with family and friends before kicking-off another exciting autumn.

Conference in the office

Last week we kicked off Konsert’s 2-day conference at the office, with a program packed with knowledge sharing and learning. We exchanged insights on the impact of organizational design and strategy development from rising challenges and opportunities of new and upcoming digital technology. 

Fueled with energy from lunch yoga and escape room problem solving we discussed the impacts of Industrial IoT-platforms and other digitalization initiatives on the future of business-driven intellectual property management. In combination, good food and possibilities to look at Q3-4 of the year.

Q1 kick-off at Thorskog’s castle

We wrapped up a great 2019, a year filled with several successes and important milestones. We also exchanged insights & new learnings in a couple of internal knowledge building sessions.

While also leaving some room for team building activities, relaxation & good food, we spent time on the outlook for 2020. Very exciting times lie ahead this year as we are ramping up our efforts even more for 2020, with a strengthened team dedicated to continue delivering high quality services to our clients.

Behind the scenes

Lately we have been working on a few short insight videos, to share some of our experiences and perspectives on current topics in a more easily digestible manner.

Four short videos are being developed, focusing on agile innovation & IP, fintech & patent risks, digital patents and innovation bridge organizations.

Follow us on LinkedIn or keep an eye open on our Insights page, to get updates on when the videos are live.

The videos have been a true co-cretion effort, engaging several team members of all seniority levels. We have partnered up with photographer Wesley Overklift, who has done a great job in making our content come to life www.wesleyoverklift.com

As part of our continuous strive to keep our webpage relevant and updated, we have also taken new, more personal portraits of all team members, which will soon be released on our About page.

Autumn kick-off

We kicked off together again after summer with an off-site team conference in the beautiful archipelago on the Swedish westcoast.

We believe spending time together with the entire team outside the office is a great way to build the team and onboard new colleagues, to discuss strategic matters and to dive deeper into the latest topics and learnings of interest.

On the agenda was a good mix of content-heavy conference sessions, outdoor sports activities and relaxation. We focused on discussing learnings from our recent and ongoing client engagements, but also did a deep-dive in patent prosecution tactics and got an update from CEO Jens on ongoing strategic initiatives. Taking advantage of the sunshine, we went on a kayaking tour in the fjord and pushed our limits in the obstacle course. We also got to experience a mud wrapping sauna ritual, including a refreshing dip in the 16°C ocean.

Inspired by new insights, and energized by fresh air and some quality time together, we're ready to dive into another exciting autumn!