My first 9 months as an Associate

Finding your pathway after university can be an exciting and daunting moment. Discovering how to apply the education you have just received will be as important as finding your fit in a culture that helps you succeed.

There has now been nine months since I started at Konsert, and I find myself asking; Am I on the right path?

Before answering the question, I want to introduce you to my experience of being an associate at Konsert. My time here so far can be summarized by three words; gratifying, challenging and evolving. When I first started I had face-to-face meetings with all my new colleagues, and were introduced to the company, methodologies and tools used in projects. Sooner rather than later, I became part of several project teams operating on an international basis, interacting with clients in various industries, helping to set strategic IP and business directions for large international corporations.

I have been involved in three projects, throughout which I have received strong support and guidance. As an associate at Konsert, I am continuously challenged and learn how to quickly absorb new knowledge, which gives me an exponential learning curve and makes me quickly grow as a professional.

"What I appreciate most about Konsert is the high level of transparency, the supporting culture and the expectation on everyone to contribute to the development of the organization."

Three times a year we organize project reviews and team trips with focus on both team and business development. Regardless of how long you have been at Konsert, you are desired to be part of the strategic discussions and have the possibility to contribute to shaping the culture and your working conditions.

Now, tying back to the question: Am I on the right path?

I believe I have found an employer where my background comes well into place, and where I get to be part of a culture which enables me to evolve as a professional and at a same time contribute to the development of the company. Thanks to supporting colleagues and stimulating working conditions I dare to take additional responsibility and I look forward to continuing to be part of delivering technology-based competitiveness to our clients.

If you are a student about to start your professional career and want to know more about life as a graduate at Konsert, don’t hesitate to get in touch.