Conference in the office

Last week we kicked off Konsert’s 2-day conference at the office, with a program packed with knowledge sharing and learning. We exchanged insights on the impact of organizational design and strategy development from rising challenges and opportunities of new and upcoming digital technology. 

Fueled with energy from lunch yoga and escape room problem solving we discussed the impacts of Industrial IoT-platforms and other digitalization initiatives on the future of business-driven intellectual property management. In combination, good food and possibilities to look at Q3-4 of the year.

What it’s been like to join Konsert as an experienced consultant

Coming from an American strategy consulting firm, I was excited to take on my next challenge in joining Konsert that I knew to be the world leading player for strategy in the intersection of technology, business and IP. I was also looking for a place to exercise my entrepreneurial ambitions in helping to build a team in Stockholm. Now almost 9 months have passed, and my time so far could not have been more rewarding.

Followed by a well-structured onboarding I was directly put into action at a global blue-chip technology company working on Business-driven IP, one of Konsert’s core practice areas. Based on Konsert’s thinking in relation to different value models of IP, we supported the client in designing an operating model where IP effectively could support the strategic objectives of the business.

Even with my previous consulting experience, it was a fresh start getting to know a new way of working. I received strong support from Directors and my other coworkers, allowing me to understand the fundamentals of Konsert’s unique approach to tackling the client’s challenges. The one-team atmosphere at Konsert have exceeded expectations and I straight away felt that I could turn to anyone for questions and support as I was growing into my role as Manager at Konsert.

”I appreciate what a great culture Konsert has been able to build with a strong one-team mentality and the very humble attitude of all my co-workers.”

Coming from a generalist strategy consulting firm, it was eye opening to see how Konsert as a boutique firm was able to attract some of the most interesting clients through proven and specialized expertise in technology driven competitiveness. The more focused approach to strategy consulting allowed for a more scalable approach with strong client impact. I truly feel like I’ve never given better quality advise to clients than I do now. This is obviously an equally challenging as thrilling aspect of the job, to always having to be in the forefront of what we do in order to compete with the larger brands.

Going forward, I’m excited about our pipeline for the year ahead with so many interesting business problems to solve, but also getting to know my coworkers closer during our annual ski-trip and other off-sites ahead.

Innovation Strategy Workshop

Yesterday, we held an innovation workshop for 25 students at our office, where they got to experience firsthand what it can be like to work as a management consultant at Konsert.

The students got introduced to some of the methodology we use in our client engagements and got to apply our different frameworks to a fictive digital innovation case. We very much enjoyed introducing the students to some of our thinking, and are proud to be part of bridging the gap between the university world and what awaits the students once they enter the industry reality.

This was the second year we hosted an education module as part of the I-Academy program for Industrial Engineering & Management students at Chalmers University of Technology. The I-Academy program covers a handful of different themes offered by partner companies, all aiming at providing the students with tools to better equip them for their future careers.

Q1 kick-off at Thorskog’s castle

We wrapped up a great 2019, a year filled with several successes and important milestones. We also exchanged insights & new learnings in a couple of internal knowledge building sessions.

While also leaving some room for team building activities, relaxation & good food, we spent time on the outlook for 2020. Very exciting times lie ahead this year as we are ramping up our efforts even more for 2020, with a strengthened team dedicated to continue delivering high quality services to our clients.

Behind the scenes

Lately we have been working on a few short insight videos, to share some of our experiences and perspectives on current topics in a more easily digestible manner.

Four short videos are being developed, focusing on agile innovation & IP, fintech & patent risks, digital patents and innovation bridge organizations.

Follow us on LinkedIn or keep an eye open on our Insights page, to get updates on when the videos are live.

The videos have been a true co-cretion effort, engaging several team members of all seniority levels. We have partnered up with photographer Wesley Overklift, who has done a great job in making our content come to life

As part of our continuous strive to keep our webpage relevant and updated, we have also taken new, more personal portraits of all team members, which will soon be released on our About page.

We welcome three Master’s students

We’re happy to announce that for the next few months, three students from the Intellectual Capital Management master’s program will join us in an exciting IP-sharing study project commissioned by a client of Konsert Strategy & IP.

The students will be carrying out their master’s thesis projects, and Konsert will provide methodology and a tool kit to support the client’s IP-sharing goals. The students will share their time between our office and the client’s different global sites, learning from real-life examples of IP management and sharing.

We welcome Annie Söderström, Emma Olsson, and Måns Lundwall!

Morning OCR

On Tuesday mornings this past autumn, the Konsert team have gotten the chance to break some sweat together during outdoor bootcamp training under the lead of Viktor Byhr from The OCR Gym. Training together, followed by the weekly breakfast meeting at the office, has been a great way to build the team and kick-off the week. We look forward to more training sessions once the Gothenburg winter has passed.

If you are interested in outdoor training with a personal trainer in the Gothenburg area, we highly recommend Viktor.

Team Trip 2018

For the Team Trip 2018, the Konsert team headed to Croatia and the small fishing village Igrane for some days of adventure and team-building mixed with conference sessions.

We tried out zip-lining between mountain tops and over rivers, we went on a long hike up the mountains, rewarded with home-cooked lamb at a local mountain hut and we went on a boat ride to the islands nearby.

Between the activities we held workshops around the redesign of our website, had a discussion around Agile methodologies and a training in a new assessment method developed internally to be used in our technology strategy projects.

We were blessed with great weather and breath-taking nature, and it was a great chance for everyone in the team to get to know our two new colleagues Helena & Johan, who recently joined the company.