Autumn kick-off

We kicked off together again after summer with an off-site team conference in the beautiful archipelago on the Swedish westcoast.

We believe spending time together with the entire team outside the office is a great way to build the team and onboard new colleagues, to discuss strategic matters and to dive deeper into the latest topics and learnings of interest.

On the agenda was a good mix of content-heavy conference sessions, outdoor sports activities and relaxation. We focused on discussing learnings from our recent and ongoing client engagements, but also did a deep-dive in patent prosecution tactics and got an update from CEO Jens on ongoing strategic initiatives. Taking advantage of the sunshine, we went on a kayaking tour in the fjord and pushed our limits in the obstacle course. We also got to experience a mud wrapping sauna ritual, including a refreshing dip in the 16°C ocean.

Inspired by new insights, and energized by fresh air and some quality time together, we're ready to dive into another exciting autumn!

Robin’s reflections from Boston

I have had a couple of exciting days at the IP Business Congress in Boston. I will especially bring with me two impressions:

Google CIPO Michael Lee on the topic of IP strategy and how to answer the CEO’s question of how many patents are needed: “Key for us is to be proactive and answer the question before it comes up. You need to define your primary use cases, go through the portfolio and ensure that each patent fills a bigger purpose. It's a big project for a sizeable portfolio, but you need to do it. […] Then you need to figure out how much you need: How many products do I have, how many differentiating features to protect? How much do I need for defensive purposes?”

PayPal CIPO Jyri Lassi on how they are building their IP portfolio in an ecosystem where companies have not previously challenged each other using IP: “We have a defensive approach. We don’t yet see so much litigation and cross-licensing, but it happens, and we intend to be prepared. […] IP modes are not mutually exclusive, and we are building a portfolio including also trade secrets and data.”

Thank you Joff Wild, Richard Lloyd and the IAM team for hosting a great event.

Off-site conference at Nääs

Sunshine mixed with rain showers and the stillness of the nearby lake set the tone for this year’s team off-site conference at Nääs Fabriker.

Our CEO Jens summarized the first and second quarter of 2019 and shared an outlook on the coming six months and the ongoing strategic initiatives. We held knowledge sharing sessions on the topics of digital patenting and IP organization transformation and discussed learnings related to one of our latest strategy projects. We also had some great discussions on diversity, our online presence and upcoming thought leadership content.

Of course, we also spent some time to strengthen the team with an outdoor bootcamp session, a visit to the sauna – including a dip in the lake, and some post-dinner shuffleboard.

We went back to the office energized and inspired, ready to take on a very exciting rest of the year.


Kick-off conference 2019

This week we had our annual conference at Thorskogs Slott. It is always good to get some time to learn from each other and continue advancing as a team. We also got some time for team-building with archery and puzzle-solving.