A good, business-driven IP strategy sets objectives and priorities for all IP-related activities from the perspective of maximizing total business value creation. It is clearly anchored in business and R&D strategy, and considers all relevant mechanisms for creating business value from IP in light of the client’s business model and industry context.

Client challenges

Clients looking to improve the business-orientation of their IP strategy typically share one or several of the following experiences: increased top management attention to IP portfolio costs and return on investment; lack of clarity regarding the business purpose and value of the IP portfolio; increased perceived IP risk due to new entrants or changed behaviors or in the industry; increased dependency on suppliers and partners as sources of innovation; and/or ineffective steering of the current IP management organization.


We support clients in developing business-driven IP strategy adapted to client-specific positions and needs, translating key business objectives into strategic IP objectives. We also provide detailed analysis and advice in relation to specific IP-strategic challenges of critical importance for client competitiveness, profitability and growth.

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