Thomas Hedberg


Thomas Hedberg is Project Sponsor for strategy, performance improvement and transformation projects.

Before joining Konsert Strategy & IP, Mr Hedberg was vice president, global IP rights at Sony Ericsson/Mobile Communications for eight years. Mr Hedberg turned a traditional IP organisation into a streamlined and cost-efficient business-oriented organisation, which became a forerunner worldwide. He implemented strategies, processes and tools, including the creation of tradable IP rights portfolios, which improved the company’s bottom line.

Mr Hedberg was also vice president for six years at one of Europe’s largest IP firms, which he successfully turned into a customer-oriented business organisation. In addition, Mr Hedberg has experience in driving innovation and being a start-up entrepreneur and venture capitalist, as well as holding executive and board member positions in several small and large companies.

Mr Hedberg joined Konsert Strategy & IP in 2016 and, as director, leverages his experience supporting clients in developing and implementing strategies to realise value from innovation and intellectual property. Recently, as interim head of the patent organisation of a multinational company with more than €30 billion in annual revenues, he led several transformation work streams creating an efficient and increasingly business-driven IP organisation.

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