During this year's IPBC Global held in Boston, Konsert Startegy & IP was Gold Sponsor. representing Konsert in Boston were our CEO Jens Bördin, Directors Jonas Lindgren and Robin Sparrefors.

CEO Jens Bördin moderated a panel on the topic "Inside the 21st century corporate IP team".

Together with an excellent panel of speakers they covered how the IP team of the future must:

  • Be more accountable and closer to the business;
  • Be plugged in to the strategic dialogue of the company; and
  • Have people able to partner closely with their business counterparts and drive business outcomes.

They also discussed how new tools and AI won't replace people, but enable them to move up the value chain and spend their time on more value adding activities.

A big thank you to the panelists: Josh Death, David Dutcher, Phil Hartstein, John A. Hudson and Gabriele Mohsler.

Two additional key take-aways from the discussions held at the business congress

  • 5G/IoT is bringing patent licensing into the core for a wide variety of industry verticals. While there is still no consensus view of what the licensing model for 5G/IoT is going to look like, it is evident IP licensing is going to impact a wide range of industries lacking previous experience from IP transactions in the coming years.
  • Digitalization is creating new challenges for IP departments. The common view is that innovation leaders have overcome the uncertainty regarding software patentability, and are now routinely patenting digital innovations in all major jurisdictions. However, while patent management remains a core activity, it is simultaneously evident that digitalization is pushing IP departments to increase their focus on a broader set of IP modes, primarily management of data, design rights and trade secrets.

Thank you to Joff Wild, Richard Lloyd and the IAM team for hosting a great event.